Charm FAQ!

Alright guys, since I get a lot of questions about my charms and how I make them, I figured it’s about time I make a FAQ so they’re all in one place.

Q: Do you do commissions? How much are they?

A:  I do, my commissions are $25 each (includes shipping), but they are closed for the year. They will be open again around August / September of 2014.

My prices are:

  • $14-$15 for charms *AT CONVENTIONS* or ones that are leftover from conventions 

commission prices are:

  • $25 for a slot of my commissions, when open, which means one charm. This includes shipping, even overseas.

Q: Are your Homestuck charms for sale? How much are they? How did you get permission to sell them?

A: They’re not for sale! Andrew Hussie and those who work for What Pumpkin ask people not to sell any Homestuck or MSPA merch, so I won’t ever be selling my HS charms to customers. Sorry! You can find more info on the specifics if you google.

Q: Will you do art trades?

A: Art trades are rare for me, and when I do, it’s usually only with close friends of mine! Even with friends, it depends a lot on how much work I have on my plate. So, most likely, if you ask, I’m going to have to decline. Homestuck charms especially take a hell of a lot of time and effort that I usually don’t have!

Q: Are you going to do a giveaway?

A: I will probably do another “one free commission” giveaway sometime.

Q: What conventions are you going to be selling charms at in 2014?

A:  Tekkoshocon, Anime Boston, Otakon.

Q: How long does it take you to make a charm?

A: I usually make them in batches, so I can make about 13/week of my regular charms, and 10/week Homestuck charms. During the summer it’s more like 20/week if I have a ton of time!

Q: How durable are the charms?

A: The charms are very durable, but not indestructible! The Homestuck charms are especially hardy because I give them four coats of glaze, but still, they’re best not used on keys (all that metal bashing against them). They work very well as pendants or cell phone charms (if you’re not something who BASHES their phone), or dangling off purses / tote bags.

Q: What do you make them out of?

A: Here’s the question most people ask! I use:

- Sculpey III in white, beige, or pearly colors. Anything light colored that I can paint over, though if you are making your own, experiment! some colors are harder than others (beige is harder than white, for example). The harder the sculpey, the better it is for the head/body, because they you won’t smush it when adding details.

- 20 g silver wire, you can buy it at any craft store. I use this to keep the heads and bodies together, as well as making a U-shape and pressing it deep into the charm’s head for the loop!

- Acrylic paint!!!! Any brand will do, though I like ceramcoat and americana a lot (theyre cheap). Personally, I only have the primary colors, white, black, and brown, but if you feel more comfortable having pre-mixed colors go for it.

- Sculpey Glossy Glaze! yes, it’s milky, but it dries clear ‘n wonderful. The way I apply it, is take an old spool of wire with some wire left, make a hook, and let the charm dangle. Then I paint on glaze and let it drip, catching any globs with a paintbrush. I do 2-3 coats for regular charms and 4 for homestuck ones, but that’s because I’m really anal about it. 2 coats will do ya.

Q: HOW do you make them?

A:  Take the above materials, and:

  • mold the charm (head first, then body, then legs, then arms, then hair/details)
  • put in the loop at the top
  • bake them at 275F for 10 mins
  • paint them! (first skin tone, then hair, then clothes/details)
  • glaze them! in the method mentioned above
And you are done!
Q: Will you make a tutorial?
A: Sorry, no! I have a few little secrets I’d like to keep. Though if you’re looking for a basic charm tutorial, this one and this one are really fantastic, and how I learned to make charms four years ago.
Hope that helps!