HOOPZ!!!! I GOT YOUR GIFT OMFG i’m sorry for worrying you, it was sent to my townhouse so I wasn’t able to get it till I visited yesterday (and now i have internet to post about it)

i wasn’t at all expecting SO MUCH CUTE STUFF AUGH i didnt even know that pinkie pie foam decoration existed! and i needed a key cap for my new house key!! 

i cant wait to thank you in person, so here’s a tumblr post instead :’D!! i love it all it was such a super sweet surprise!

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    Ahhh im glad it all arrived safely and that you like it!! :):)
  2. pandaemonium-warden said: I actually just wanted Monster High dolls for xmas instead of tshirts.. I hate being old/no room. I need a doll case! but these are great!
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