reblogging because some of Nir’s friends wanted to see it!

one of a kind TF2 box, all the figures are handsculpted and hand painted, and its for sale! :> woah!

rebloggin to show Shad and also cuz I’m really proud of it

i’ll probably be stuck with it forever though, h e h …… TF2 isn’t as popular as it once was and idk if I’ll ever find someone who wants to py for this U__U, oh well, I still really like it

It’s finally done! My auction item for Otakon this year, a TF2 jewelry box. Or just a box, you can put anything in it.

I don’t know if anyone will bid on it, though - it took hours and hours of work, so the starting bid will be at least $250. Even if it doesn’t sell, I don’t mind keeping it for myself!