rincebrain replied to your post: its so funny to me because like a lot of you…

It’s far more likely they’ve run into you at a con already when you start teaching them than the other way around, as time goes by…

i’m sorry child you have the wrong pink-haired chicken suit girl. please take your seat

okay I’m just gonna tag everyone that I wanna send cards to???

Maybe that’s the easier way to do it??

I’m not really doing Christmas gifts this year but I wanna do something personalized for people! I was going to draw stuff on the computer but I’m bad at that so…. let me doodle you things? and give you nice christmas greetings that you can hold?


(also you don’t have to give me your address if you’re not comfortable with that its all good but…yeah!! Tagging’s not an obligation! hehe)

PS: if you’re not listed then I already have your address / totally forgot so message me!!